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Recombine Biotech – Biotechnology R&D

Recombine Biotech is specialized in developing new products focused on recombinant technologies for agribusiness. We provide solutions to various sectors, ranging from crop cultivation to harvest, food quality and animal health.

Founded in 2019 as a spin-off from the Federal University of Viçosa (UFV), Recombine is a resident company at the UFV Technology Park (TecnoPARQ). We are invested in and accelerated by the BiotechTown Innovation Hub Accelerator.

What do we do?

Through our own platform, Recombine Biotech works to develop new solutions for agribusiness. Our focus on recombinant technologies allows us to generate more effective and precise solutions, leading to the increase on productivity and reduction in losses. Our technologies are sustainable and safe, that means environmental impact reduction.


To develop highly complex, effective, sustainable and safe products through recombinant technology.


To be a reference of excellence in recombinant technologies application for agribusiness.


Through scientific innovation, we are committed to solutions that bring more sustainable and lasting benefits to agribusiness.

Recombine Biotech has three lines of action:

Photo of a farm with genetically modified agriculture by Recombine Biotech.
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Highly complex biologicals that will help combat and control various types of diseases and pests.

Photo of oranges genetically modified by Recombine Biotech.


Detection Tests

Rapid tests and detection systems for quality control in the agribusiness, providing quick and on-site results, increasing the useful life of products and certifying their quality.

Photo of pigs vaccinated by Recombine Biotech.
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Animal Health

Vaccines and Bioactives

Safer and better-performing vaccines, assets with modern and innovative technologies, diagnostics for veterinary health.

Meet Our Team

Greyson Capobiango Evangelista

Greyson Capobiango Evangelista

CEO and Founding Partner

Graduated in Accounting Sciences and Administration (UFV)

Anna Claudia Alves de Souza

Anna Cláudia Alves de Souza

CTO and Founding Partner

PhD in Applied Biochemistry (UFV)

janine paiva

Janine Paiva

Project Coordinator

PhD in Applied Biochemistry (UFV)

Éverton Barbosa

Project Coordinator

PhD in Applied Biochemistry (UFV)

flavia mendes

Flávia Mendes

Marketing Manager and Project Coordinator

PhD in Applied Biochemistry (UFV)

Nayara Ribeiro

Laboratory Analyst

Bachelor of Biochemistry (UFV)

Lucas Viana

Research Analyst

Bachelor in Biochemistry (UFV)

monica caetano

Mônica Caetano

Project Coordinator

PhD in Applied Biochemistry (UFV)

Our Installations

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The Recombine team possesses high technical expertise for the development of customized bioproducts according to customer needs. We are available to provide the best solutions in recombinant technology through quick and efficient service.